Crown Kingdom of Vallanmoor
Ideology Monarchism
Type Nation
Number of Nations In Control 1
Language Valscorian
Religion Valscorian Church
Faction The Valscorian Imperium
Party The Vanguardian Party
The Crown of Vallanmoor, or more commonly known as Vallanmoor, is an Executive, Socialist-Libertarian, Monarchist Valscorian Superpower in Mythos. It is located in the continent of Arktov. Vallanmoor is very imperialist and capitalist, and established a large empire several decades ago. Vallanmoor is a Vanguardian, or, libertarian socialist, monarchy under the command of Lispodar Jacoius IV and Minister Externus Sutorran.


Prounounced Val-lan-moor. From the founding language of Valscorian, Lorian, Vallanmoor, or,  "Valmora" literally means "Land of my Father's Peak". The naming was coined by Galacteos, leader of the Galactonian Horde and later Empire. Mythorcian English speakers assume the name combined "Valley" and "Moorland". Both alleged orgins describe the the naiton's countryside.



Ancient valscoria map

Early Valscorian tribes inhabited present day eastern and central Arktov. Most noteable, it was the Vallmer, who quickly unified their tribes and created a series of trading city states in 500 BCE. These city states eventually fell and the Vallmer established the Vallmersian Kingdom. The Vallmer ruled what is now Vallanmoor for a few centuries until their collapse by the expanding  Anarchridian Empire in 200 BCE. Thovaias I, of the Anarchridians claimed the Vallmersian throne until his assassination by Galacteos.By 130 BCE, the Galactonian Horde controlled all of Vallmersia until Vallmersian aristocrats recaptured it in 100 CE. The aristocratic warriors claimed the source of the recapture came from the "Vanguardian Pantheon". The Vanguardian Pantheon was a series of beliefs, almost held religiously, by the Vallmerian people. The Pantheon was a book that described the claimed heroic histories and tales of the Vallmerian culture and people.


-Vallanmoor's culture is based of a series of European cultures. The most notable are Italian, Hungarian, Montenegrin, Croatian, and Cossack.

-Valscorian is based off English, Italian, and Croatian languages. It uses either Valscorian or Cyrillic as a script.

(ROBLOX) Military March of VGN and MOV; Bugler's Dream00:47

(ROBLOX) Military March of VGN and MOV; Bugler's Dream

Valscorian March

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